Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eco Adventure Cruising

The biggest growth area in the cruising world is without doubt the boutique eco adventure cruising sector. With their high adventure/expedition factor going to areas not usually visited by the bigger cruise lines they provide a superb opportunity to see wildlife up close. These ships come equipped with zodiac inflatables, rubber boats that can hold up to twelve or even sixteen people so guests can be landed on remote islands and shallow sandbanks and really get up close to the animals. You don’t have to be 100% fit or under 25 to do these trips either and most have them have five star comforts waiting for you when you get back on board.
The problem is with a specialist cruise operation such as this you need specialist ships. So much so that adventure companies will hire out ships that are suited to this genreThis may be expedition cruising but the clients still want a unique style of ultra-luxury sailing on some of the most sleek and highly innovative yachts to be found on the seas in modern times. Although each ship varies in their design and function, they all share a range of qualities, spacious and comfortable luxury, outside view cabins, ensuite facilities, fine cuisine, lecture rooms and/or lounges and numerous decks for viewing opportunities of sea mammals or birds.

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