Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cipper Cruising

You can’t get much greener than a sailing ship especially one that has been converted into a 5 Star luxury cruise liner. Sails and cruise ships are we being serious here? I have been lucky enough to go on Royal Clipper, the flagship of Star Clippers.
With their teak-lined decks and billowing white sails, luxurious amenities, gourmet cuisine, exceptional service and with only 150 to 300 guests on board these vessels allow clients to soak up the ambience of almost owning their own private yacht. The real beauty of these ships however is that because the vessels are smaller than conventional cruise ships they can call into ports untouched by larger craft.
You're not leaving the comforts and safety of traditional cruising, most ships have engines and stabilisers, and they will be visiting places that are not going to be swamped by large numbers and at the same time are helping small, local communities.
Star Clippers are renowned worldwide for their service and the experience they offer their passengers of comfortable, crewed sailing on traditional clipper ships, built to uncompromising yacht safety, with the elegant surroundings of a private yacht of a bygone age. At the present time the company has three ships in their fleet and all are modern, high-tech, re-creations of the classic clipper sailing ships that dominated the oceans of the world in the 19th century.
Guests can sail in the far east, the Caribbean and what could be more swish than sailing in to Monaco harbour to watch the Grand Prix from the deck whist sipping a gin and tonic? The company even offers trans oceanic cruises when the ships are relocating for the summer season. In the middle of the Atlantic, with no light pollution, the stargazing is spectacular, with the Milky Way clearly visible. Have a nice day now.

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