Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bosa, Sardinia

Welcome to Bosa. Adventure cruise ships doing circumnavigations of Sicily stop at Alghero and you can get an excursion going southwards along the winding, twisting coast road hugs the steep cliffs again giving you tantalizing sea views until you come to the town with its pastel coloured houses perched on the banks of the Temo Sardinia’s only navigable river. Still very much isolated from tourism Bosa is a sleepy little town famous for its golden Malvasia wine.

But it’s the colours that draw me back to Bosa. This small town with its houses painted in pastel shades of yellows, blues and greens is ringed by mountains and sea and thus is virtually untouched by tourism development. It still has a relaxed, laid back atmosphere where you can experience the slow rhythm of Sardinian life as you explore its ancient streets.

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