Saturday, 2 February 2013

Island Hopping in the Galapagos with Noble Caledonia

Named after the giant Galapagos tortoise, this remote group of islands, 1000km off the coast of Ecuador are considered some of the most wondrous islands in the world. It was Charles Darwin who put the Galapagos on the map. True, the islands were discovered some three hundred years earlier, but Darwin’s five week stay during his world expedition altered the course of human thought and history. 

One of the most amazing aspects of the Galapagos is that even today the archipelago is much the same as in Darwin’s time, a veritable ‘Garden of Eden’. Largely unspoiled by development, it is a place where fascinating and diverse wildlife is both abundant and fearless of man. Here you can swim with dolphins and Galapagos penguins, walk amongst giant tortoises, watch basking marine iguanas and be endlessly fascinated by the colourful and exotic birdlife. The isolation and late discovery by humans, along with a historical lack of predators has set the stage for a unique environmental experiment and developed into perhaps the greatest showcase for evolution to be witnessed anywhere.

Today there are a number of vessels cruising around these islands ranging in size from six to six hundred passengers, but Noble Caledonia have chosen two very special vessels operated by their associates and experts in Galapagos cruises, Metropolitan Touring who have almost sixty years experience of providing guests with unique and quality travel experiences. Isabela II and La Pinta are perfect for those who prefer a small, superior vessel, a highly experienced expedition team, small groups ashore and an environmentally friendly programme.

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