Sunday, 4 November 2012

Exhibition and cruise to save the Albatross

Artist Leads Fight Back To Save The 18 Species of Albatross Threatened With Global Extinction
BirdLife International has joined forces with artist, writer and printmaker, Bruce Pearson, in a bid to Save The Albatross in the Southern Ocean, which is under serious threat of extinction. As part of their collaboration, The Troubled Waters art exhibition, which follows Pearson’s journey trailing the albatross Across Antarctica, will be held from 26th November until 1st December at Artspace Galleries, Maddox Street, London W1.
Sponsored by One Ocean Expeditions, a specialist in nature-based adventure cruises with a strong sense of ecological preservation and conservation, the event aims to bring these magnificent birds into the reach of visitors through powerful visual works of art that depict life at sea.
Bruce Pearson, who has a life-long fascination with the sea and seabirds and who has travelled a number of times across the Southern Oceans, comments: “Seabirds, notably albatrosses, have become increasingly threatened over the past 20 years, and at a faster rate globally than any other species of birds. The threats are many and varied, but the most critical problem is the hundreds of thousands of birds snared accidentally as by-catch on long-line fishing vessels.”
Among the international efforts to reverse the decline in numbers, the work of BirdLife International’s Save the Albatross campaign and Albatross Task Force has resulted in a substantial reduction in seabird mortality.
However, unregulated fishing interests still operating beyond the reach of international treaties and boundaries continue to place 18 of the 22 species of albatross at risk of global extinction.
The Troubled Waters exhibition aims to facilitate the work of Birdlife International alongside fishermen onboard long-line and trawl vessels in a bid to reduce the damage done to the albatross at the hands of the fishing industry. According to the conservation organisation, an estimated 100,000 albatrosses are being killed each year due to long-line fishing – that’s one every five minutes.
For those interested in the opportunity to visit one of the world’s last remote wildernesses, and to witness first hand the wandering, black browed, grey headed and light mantled sooty albatross, One Ocean Expeditions is offering an extensive 18-night wildlife expedition from 22 November to 10 December 2013.
Bruce Pearson will be the ‘artist in residence’ on this voyage to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, during which he will give presentations and hold drawing and painting workshops both on board and ashore.
Accommodation is on board the impressive ice-strengthened ship, Akademik Sergey Vavilov, which has been designed for Polar research and has the comfort and safety of passengers as its first priority. Features include a massage room, hot water spa, sauna, salt water plunge pool, plus bar, lounge, dining room, library and theatre style presentation room.
The adventure cruise departs from Ushuaia in Argentina, and prices start from USD 12,190 per person on a twin share basis and from USD 10,900pp for a triple share cabin. This includes all meals and accommodation plus Zodiac excursions and landings, special hiking programmes, ship transfers, foul weather gear and overnight camping.

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