Sunday, 2 September 2012

Save up to 25% on travel with Hurtigruten in 2013

The Norwegian coast is world famous for its beautiful scenery, and on a tour with Hurtigruten, you will find places that will take your breathe away as you pass through 34 ports, some with only a few hundred inhabitants. As well as the stunning landscapes you pass, the rich variety of sights, sounds and smells are what make a Hurtigruten voyage truly unique.

You will now get up to 25% off selected voyages in 2013 when booking before 30 September 2012.

Experience three seasons on a journey - from winter to summer in Kirkenes to Bergen

Discover the beauty of Norway's coastline where every season provides an ever-changing backdrop to a journey of matchless wonder.

After a long winter, warmth returns to the shores of Norway and sunlight rejuvenates life along the coastline. The sun works overtime to thaw this frozen land, rising higher and higher each day. Join us in experiencing three season in five days, and "The Arctic Awakening" of the Norwegian coastline. 
Take time to enjoy the coast and the Midnight Sun on a summer trip with Hurtigruten

Come summer, the Land of the Midnight Sun rtuly lives up to its name. The intense extended daylight above the Arctic Cirlcle lasts around the clock making every Norwegian 'night' a joy to behold. In fact, you may have to force yourself to go to bed. 

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