Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To the islands and cities of the Baltic aboard the MS Island Sky

13 nights from £4295
Bordered by diverse kingdoms and republics in a relatively contained area, the Baltic is perfect for exploration by ship. The history of the region is fascinating, with countries vying for commercial and political influence for over a thousand years or more. Summer is the perfect time to explore its historic shores and look back over its colourful past from the Vikings and the Hanseatic era to more modern day events.
If you are contemplating a trip to the Baltic, you may have noticed that there are a number of cruises on offer aboard ships of varying sizes. You can travel with many hundreds or join our party of just 100 aboard the MS Island Sky. You can select a ship with endless entertainment and impersonal service, or join us aboard one of the finest small ships in the world where peace, high quality service and attention to detail are the order of the day. In addition to these benefits of small ship cruising in the Baltic, our comprehensive itinerary has the added advantage of spending three full days in St Petersburg. Most cruises spend one day or perhaps two, but it simply is not possible to see all that this marvellous city and surrounding countryside has to offer in such a short time.
Why Cruise the Baltic with Noble Caledonia?
If you are contemplating a cruise in the Baltic, you have probably come across a number of cruises offering a range of experiences and aboard ships of varying sizes. What makes our cruises aboard MS Island Sky unique is the experience of travelling with just 100 or so like-minded passengers. This means disembarking with ease at each port of call, just a few buses rather than a whole fleet that will be waiting for the big cruise liners, and quality.
Aboard the MS Island Sky there will not be endless entertainment and impersonal service, instead you can enjoy some light music in the bar after dinner and informative briefings and talks by our Cruise Director and Guest Speaker. You will get to know all the onboard staff during your cruise, and by the end you won’t want to leave them. The Island Sky is well-run, peaceful and relaxing and after a day ashore, it is a pleasure to return to your comfortable suite. We prefer to place the importance of our Baltic cruises on the itinerary and experience. This is why, after twenty years of designing Baltic itineraries, we believe we have the most perfectly balanced cruises. Top of our list is an adequate stay in St Petersburg, with two or three full days in this captivating city. In addition we visit a further six or seven nations which border the Baltic, making our cruises the most comprehensive available. Furthermore our long-standing relationship with local agents ensures we have the best tour guides at each port. Our contacts in each port has also meant that for 2012 we have been able to arrange some special opening/closing times on our visits to Catherine’s Palace, Peterhof Palace and the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Quietvox earphones are also available for all shore excursions.
Within our two week itineraries, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive tour of the Baltic with knowledgeable guest speakers onboard to add to your understanding of this fascinating region. If you prefer, listen to the lecture from the comfort of your cabin. However, we know that it is also important to relax and we therefore allow for ample time for you to relax onboard and enjoy the facilities and service of this exquisite ship. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of cruise ships plying the Baltic, but if you prefer a peaceful environment, high degree of comfort, exceptional cuisine and a comprehensive itinerary, the MS Island Sky is the best by far.

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