Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An exploration of coastal Greenland aboard the Caledonian Sky
13 nights from £4495
Wildlife Tours/ Natural World Themed TourExplore the Natural World with Noble Caledonia
Join us for this remarkable expedition cruise as we sail from Iceland, across the Denmark Strait to begin a voyage around the fjords and islands of southern Greenland, following in the wake of the great Norse settlers who risked life and limb some 900 years ago when they left the shores of Iceland. Coastal Greenland is marvellous to behold with great towering cliffs, walls of glacial ice, winding fjords, vast ice-sheets and flowing glaciers. It is one of the last great wilderness areas where man has made little difference to the landscape and tourists are still a rarity. For most visitors their first encounter with Greenland is a humbling experience as they witness nature in the raw and look out across a magnificent Arctic world.
Highlights of our cruise will be numerous and we will make good use of our fleet of Zodiacs as we explore small bays and view icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Our exploration of coastal Greenland begins on a high with Prins Christian Sund. Cruising through this region on Zodiacs is an unforgettable experience, the jagged coastline being home to a rich animal kingdom.
Dui Landmark
In addition to the onboard team, Du Landmark will also be joining this voyage. Dui was born in Iceland and studied photography and filmmaking in Paris. He has worked as a guide since 1987 and graduated from the Icelandic guide school in 1993. He speaks fluent English and French and is very knowledgeable on the nature, geology and history of both Iceland and Greenland. He has also worked as a film director and producer since 1994 on numerous TV programmes, documentaries and commercials for both Icelandic and foreign networks. Many of his films focus on birdlife, travel, hunting and fishing. These films are shot on location all around the world with many being shot in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

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