Monday, 3 January 2011

Isle of Man Railway

The railway on The Isle of Man the is now owned by the Government of the island and is known as the Isle of Man Railway (IMR). Connecting Douglas, the capital with Castletown and Port Erin. Douglas station itself is quite an impressive complex especially when you consider it is now approximately half its original size.
At one time the system covered over 45 miles which when you think about it was quite a considerable amount on an island as small as the Isle of Man.
I loved the way the line still uses the original historic rolling stock and marvellous locomotives and there are few concessions to the modern way of running a railway. The main point is though is that is not just a piece of heritage railway for the tourists as it is still used by the local population on a regular basis. We spoke to school children, people doing their shopping and one unlucky person going to the dentist!

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