Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cagliari, Sardinia

Up at 4 a.m. again. I don't know why this is happening! I just wish I could sleep in like babes does until 8! Skoda Yeti coming to day to review for the mag so I'm looking forward to that. Then of to Berwick to buy babes a bike.
Today's picture is of the arcade in the Via Roma, Cagliari, Sardinia. It's about half a mile long and used to be warehouses, now it's hotels, cafes, restaurants and up market shops. One good thing about getting up this early is that Doris gets extra long walks. The wheat in the top two fields has been harvested so we ca walk around the edge of those now and she can generally disturb pheasants and bunnies when they were relaxing after their morning feed.
Have a good day!

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