Saturday, 5 May 2012

Be a Polar Pioneer at 78 degrees North in Svalbard

Spaces Still Available on NEW Arctic 7-Day Adventure – Svalbard Explorer, 10th – 17th June 2013
The Svalbard Explorer is a new type of expedition from Wildlife & Wilderness, designed to fulfil the wishes of customers who want to discover the Arctic, enjoy the ultimate in flexibility for wildlife spotting and learn more about photography and the environment. At seven days long, the itinerary is a new addition to the existing portfolio of expeditions to the Arctic and across the world from the leading, specialist tour operator.
The Svalbard Explorer will take 50 passengers on a seven-day polar expedition in June 2013 (10th – 17th) and is to be hosted by Andy Rouse, the award-winning, professional photographer, Svalbard expert and conservationist and a professional polar guide. Spaces are still available on the trip, which will focus on offering guests complete flexibility to spot wildlife whenever and wherever the best opportunities arise as well as allowing guests to immerse themselves in the knowledge of Andy.

Zodiacs will also take small groups out to the pack-ice to get up close and personal with wildlife, as well as touch and feel this icy wonderland. Standing 78 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane, way beyond the Arctic Circle and only 500 miles from the North Pole, there's no better place for would-be polar explorers than Svalbard. Here 2,500 inhabitants of the main Norwegian island of Spitsbergen are outnumbered by 3,000 polar bears – one of the largest populations on the planet. There are few roads in this land of extremes, so best explored by boat.

In addition to Polar Bears, numerous walrus, seals, Arctic foxes and Brunnich guillemots will also be visible, having returned to their nesting spots to breed during June when there is 24 hours of daylight. The presence of the midnight sun again offers further prospects for wildlife observation and guests will be awoken during the night if animal encounters arise, especially with polar bears.

The Polar Arctic is one of the last pristine wildernesses left on the planet and the frontier of the known world. This new expedition allows guests to discover this stunning landscape, its wildlife and the culture of Svalbard from the comfort of the M/S Quest and in a relaxed and yet informative environment.
Details of Svalbard Explorer: This seven day voyage through the Svalbard archipelago on the M/S Quest on a full board basis with the services of Andy Rouse and a Swedish Polar Guide as your expedition leaders starts from £3,400. The cost does not include flights at this stage as SAS have yet to publish their 2013 schedules. Demand for this trip is expected to be high.

For more information on this trip to Svalbard checkout Wildlife & Wilderness at: and click on Arctic in the left hand menu or call 0845 00 44 599.

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