Friday, 16 December 2011

A voyage along the coasts of Chile, Peru & Ecuador to Costa Rica aboard Island Sky

Explore the Natural World with Noble Caledonia

You begin your Pacific coastal odyssey in Puerto Montt and as we continue along the coast towards Peru, our cruise will be dominated by the ever present Andes. The voyage takes us along the nutrient-rich Humboldt Current that is a haven for an amazing concentration of seabirds, marine mammals and wildlife. We visit the historic Chilean port of Valparaiso, the Humboldt Penguin Nature Resrve, the Chilean coastal town of Arica, Isla Ballestas and Lima.

You continue north along the coast of Peru visiting Trujillo, famous for its Spanish Colonial architecture and Chan Chan, a pre-Columbian site (Chimu culture) and the largest adobe city in the world. En-route to Ecuador we hope to make a landing on Lobos de Afuera a tiny island off the Peruvian coast, famous for its abundant marine and birdlife.

In Ecuador you will land at Manta for a day in the Machalilla National Park a protected coastal haven for over 200 species of birds and wildlife. There will also be time to explore Manta, founded by the conquistadors in 1535. Leaving the South American mainland we head out into the Pacific bound for the remote Coco Island. This Galapagos in miniature will be the highlight of the trip for many, its very remote location has left it untouched by tourism.

Our next landfall will be the Central American nation of Costa Rica and for the next three days we will immerse ourselves in the rich wildlife both above and below the water, enjoying the fantastic rain forests, flora and butterflies. It is an untouched magical area of exceptional beauty with all manner of hues, which only nature can deliver. For those who may find it difficult to pull themselves away from the beauty of Costa Rica Noble Caledonia are offering a post-cruise optional trip to the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

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