Thursday, 8 December 2011

Falkland Islands set for a Great 2012

A Royal visit, the 30th anniversary and popular BBC series Frozen Planet will put the Falklands firmly on many intrepid travellers' wish lists for 2012.

Commemorate the 30th anniversary since the '82 British Argentine conflict with a 12 day trip to the Falkland Islands. Discover the battlefields in Port Howard, Pebble Island, Stanley, San Carlos, Goose Green and Darwin. Highlights include: attending the ceremony for Liberation Day, capturing sightings of aircraft wreckage, visiting museums and paying tribute to veterans at the British & Argentine War cemeteries.

 Why not explore four of the archipelago's outer islands: Sea Lion, Bleaker, and Carcass plus a boat trip to West Point Island to see the black-browed albatross?  Or Sea Lion Island as it boasts a wealth of wildlife from sea lions and pods of whales to magnificent bird life  or enjoy a day trip to Volunteer Point home to most accessible king penguin colony in the world?
Carcass Island boasts astounding wildlife from gentoo and Magellanic penguins to gulls, geese and elephant seals. Free of cats and mice, small bird species such as the Cobb's Wren can flourish. While New Island is home to rockhopper penguin rookeries, black -browed albatross and blue -eyed Shags. The cruise also stops in South Georgia and Antarctica, terminating back in Ushuaia

You might even want to combine your trip to the Falkland Islands with a visit to Patagonia to unite awe inspiring glaciers and icebergs in Chile and Argentina and the amazing Alps of South Georgia.

For more info and booking details, be sure to check out this link with the UK's adventure cruise specialists, The Cruise Line Ltd.

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