Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Transatlantic crossing aboard Star Clippers

A transatlantic crossing on a Tall Ship is the fondest dream of anyone who loves sailing. But unless you know how to chart a course by celestial navigation or scramble up a tall mast, your chances of realizing that dream were nil, until Star Clippers.

Aboard Royal Clipper, Star Clipper or Star Flyer, you can know the thrill of traversing a great ocean under sail, without any skills or effort on your part. Imagine long lazy days at sea. The time-out-of-mind sensation of watching the water slip under the bow, of gazing at a horizon that is 360 degrees wide, of feeling the steadying power of sails as they capture the energy of the wind and thrust your ship through the vast expanse of ocean. In all the world, there is no experience as wonderfully renewing and invigorating. Make this your year for the ultimate in sailing. A Transatlantic crossing aboard Star Clippers.

Apr 7, 2012 - Royal Clipper Eastbound
Apr 14, 2012 - Star Flyer Eastbound
Oct 20, 2012 - Star Flyer Westbound
Oct 20, 2012 - Star Clipper Westbound
Oct 27, 2012 - Royal Clipper Westbound

For more info and booking details, be sure to check out this link with the UK's luxury adventure cruise specialists, The Cruise Line Ltd.

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