Thursday, 22 December 2011

8 berth River Cruising in Belgium.

Who are we? Maurits & Olga, owners and hosts from 1 barge, an old-timer  built in 1924 and converted in 1999 to pamper a maximum of 8 passengers.

 Where? On all the navigable inland waters of Belgium. In one day we  cover about 60 kilometres. This is a real distance for bike lovers! The  others have a lot of variation on one day. Not a single dull moment. And  Belgium has a lot to offer, even for the spoilt tourist.
 How long? Tours between weekends and 10 days, but most common is a week
 tour, 8days/7 nights. We started in 1999 and since then have had over 1,500 guests  from 12 different countries who have enjoyed our tours.

It might help that we are both experienced captains, from seagoing merchant marine ships!, speak 4 languages, love to cook and hospitality in general. A bit over  qualified, but we love our lives and let our guests join in.
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