Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pole Position For Abercrombie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent has just launched a new Pole to Pole brochure, detailing A&K’s inaugural expeditions to the Arctic which will complement the Antarctic voyages it has been undertaking for over a quarter of a century. In provides the facts, figures and inspiration to explore both poles with some of the most experienced luxury polar expeditionary teams in the world.

A&K polar voyages are the ultimate adventure, renowned for their luxury, environmental lightness of touch and world class guides. With 25 years’ experience in polar cruising, A&K brings the surreal magic of the ‘white continent’ and the Arctic within reach with four Antarctic cruises in winter 2014/2015 and two Arctic cruises in summer 2014.

Le Boreal is the most luxurious and environmentally friendly vessel plying these far flung oceans. Exclusively chartered for each A&K cruise, she carries just 199 passengers, well short of full capacity, to ensure every passenger enjoys a spacious cabin with outside balcony. Being within the Category 1 limit for all landing sites and shore excursions, passengers enjoy the maximum opportunity to explore the polar landscapes and observe the wildlife.

A&K polar guides are famed for their expertise, professional qualifications and infectious enthusiasm. They are leading authorities in their areas of speciality and include top ornithologists, marine biologists, naturalists and geologists. The guide-to-passenger ratio of 1 to 12 is unsurpassed, ensuring a fascinating personal insight into the heart of poles both on board and on shore.

A&K polar expeditions exceed all environmental protocols of operation; Le Boreal is at the cutting edge of green practices and technology such as a computerised dynamic positioning system that eliminates the need to drop anchor in fragile marine reserves. Nothing, however, detracts from the legendary A&K service which permeates from start to finish and renders any one of our polar cruises an unforgettable opportunity to observe the last great wildernesses on the planet.

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