Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cuba Cruise

After recently announcing their unmatched cruise offerings -- the first to completely circumnavigate Cuba -- Cuba Cruise has just released details on each stop of their sailing featuring ports and excursions never before offered by a cruise-line or tour company in a single sailing.

“Many Canadians feel they know Cuba well, but our guests will be the very first to experience some of the country’s most exciting and beautiful sights and destinations,” said Cuba Cruise President Dugald Wells. “We look forward to sharing these treasured places, like Holguin’s Guayabo waterfalls, plunging 200 metres, and the historically rich centre of Afro-Cuban culture in Santiago de Cuba. Each destination on this itinerary is packed with hidden gems for our guests to discover.”
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Guests can join the 7-night cruise at either Havana or Montego Bay with a lead-in price of only $586 CAD. Cuba Cruise features Canadian imported cuisine as well as local specialties, and explores diverse ports including Santiago, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Punta Frances on the Isle of Youth. The 480-stateroom boutique cruise ship Louis Cristal allows access into Cuba’s remote areas, for an up-close experience.

While some destinations on the itinerary are more familiar than others, each daily port offers its own magic. Many of the sites have never been accessible on a single itinerary without complicated and uncomfortable travel between locations. Cuba Cruise makes it simple, comfortable and even luxurious to see all of Cuba’s most magnificent offerings on one comprehensive trip.

Ports of Call Highlights Include:

Havana: Guests experience the spirit of Cuba straight away during the opening cocktail party featuring Cuba’s iconic cocktails, Mojitos and Cuba Libres, followed by Spanish, African and Caribbean fusion fare. The ship disembarks from Havana at 1:00 am allowing plenty of time to experience the capital city’s many unique offerings, including the vibrant nightlife.

Caribbean Sea: Day 2 is at sea to get settled and enjoy all the ship’s facilities and the lovely coastline going by.
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Holguin: The following day, guests arrive in Holguin, the Cuban city first discovered by Christopher Columbus, who declared it to be “the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes.” Guests can catamaran to Cayo Saetia, a natural reserve formed by pure white sand. Then climb into a Jeep for a safari over the island to see exotic animals including American Ostriches and Water Buffalo.
Santiago de Cuba: Next is the lively epicentre of Afro-Cuban culture. Santiago de Cuba is also the heart of Cuba’s most famous exports including coffee, rum, cigars and music. Guests will have until 9:00 p.m. to immerse themselves in the onshore festivities, including live music, entertainment and even tours of the iconic cigar factories, or simply relax onboard the ship.
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Montego Bay: With a unique culture, amazing beaches, picturesque mountains and incredible duty free shopping, Cuba Cruise couldn’t pass up the next port on the itinerary. Montego Bay is the second embarkation point of this world-first cruise. Whether you’re boarding the ship here, or enjoying the day onshore, guests have the option of an exciting bobsled ride and/or canopy adventure, a relaxing bamboo rafting ride, meandering around the shops or exploring a traditional plantation.

Cienfuegos: Here Cuba Cruise guests will peer up at the impressive Castillo de Jagua, an 18th century fortress, wander the streets of this very pretty city known as “The Pearl of the Caribbean” or visit the Colonial village of Trinidad, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, where you’ll bask in the warmth of the people and the charming cobblestone streets.
The Isle of Youth at Punta Frances: Here you’ll enjoy Cuba’s most pristine beaches. The crystal clear waters invite guests to explore the underwater marine life and coral reef. Enjoy a beach barbeque as you soak up the warm Caribbean sun and sway your hips to the live Cuban music.
The Cuba Cruise itinerary and onshore excursions are nothing short of extraordinary. Utilizing local guides, experts, onboard naturalists and Cuba’s incredible natural diversity, we help you ‘Find Your Cuba.’
For more information on Cuba Cruise’s circumnavigation itinerary, please visit
To make a reservation call your travel agent or Cuba Cruise at 1-855-364-4999, or visit and book on-line directly.

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