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Adopt a Polar Bear when you visit the Arctic with Aurora Expeditions in 2014

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Australia’s very own Polar Experts, Aurora Expeditions, have released their 2014 European Arctic program of popular ship-based adventures, promising to ‘adopt a polar bear’ on behalf of each passenger booked on their voyages to Spitsbergen and Greenland next year.
The new ‘adopt a polar bear’ initiative will support the WWF wildlife adoption program, assisting to conserve the Arctic’s rich biodiversity and maintaining a healthy environment for the Polar Bears; specifically targeting the bears in the Svalbard archipelago, the region that Aurora Expeditions visit each year. Each passenger will receive a complimentary polar bear adoption pack, including certificate and updates on how the donations are being spent throughout the year.
Aurora Expeditions will offer five departures in 2014 on board their 54 passenger, ice-strengthened ship, Polar Pioneer. Two itineraries will highlight the Arctic regions of Spitsbergen and Greenland, whilst a third will capture the intriguing scenery and culture of the remote Scottish coastline.
Remember, it pays to book early. Not only will you have a greater choice of cabin categories, you’ll also have the chance to save up to $1300 per person with Aurora Expeditions 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you are one of the first 10 bookings on each departure made before 30 June 2013. Terms and conditions apply.
Wild Scotlanddeparting 15 June to 25 June 2014
Traverse the wild Scottish coastline and enter a world of booming sea caves, puffins, basking sharks and playful dolphins. History haunts the beautifully preserved Stone Age villages, ancient abbeys and abandoned castles. World Heritage-listed St Kilda and its rocky outliers are home to breeding seals, some of Europe’s largest seabird colonies, fantastic sea stacks and derelict crofts. The Orkneys offer insight into WWII and a wee dram of Scotland’s finest. Birders find paradise in the Shetlands, where Viking influences prevail.
Spitsbergen Odyssey - departing 20 July to 30 July 2014 & 30 July to 9 August 2014
Circumnavigate the untouched wilderness of Spitsbergen, located halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Soft summer light bathes the land, alive with green moss and tiny flowers. Zodiacs carry us to noisy cliffs of breeding birds, while the seas are tumbled by whales, bearded seals and walrus. We cruise the fjords and coast keeping watch for the mightiest inhabitant of all – the Polar Bear.
Jewels of the Arctic: Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland – departing 9 August to 22 August 2014 & 22 August to 4 September 2014
Combine the best of Spitsbergen and Greenland, with a taste of Iceland. Search for Polar Bears on Spitsbergen’s rugged northwest coast of mountains, tundra and spectacular fjords. Cruise past the world’s largest national park along Greenland’s remote east coast and feel the immensity of the icecap, fantastic icebergs and a fairy-tale landscape of magnificent granite spires. The local Inuits welcome us and share their unique culture.
Why not enjoy the ultimate Arctic experience and combine ‘Spitsbergen Odyssey’ and ‘Jewels of the Arctic’ for a 24 day in-depth exploration above the Arctic Circle. Book both departures to save 15% - that’s a saving of up to $3,500 per person! Discount not valid with any other offer.
Added Arctic Adventure
Sea kayaking in the Arctic offers a truly unique perspective of this amazing polar wonderland. Exploring by kayak is an ideal way to surround yourself in the sights and sounds of the Arctic. We paddle among massive icebergs and brash ice, and observe wildlife in an unobtrusive manner. Paddlers will have the option to kayak as often as possible during the voyage, weather conditions permitting, as well as have the opportunity to make shore landings. A kayaking surcharge applies.
Find out more about Aurora Expeditions 2014 voyages to the European Arctic and Scotland by calling 1800 637 688 or visit to order or download a brochure for the complete list of 2013 and 2014 departures.  

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