Monday, 28 January 2013

Galapagos Small-Ship Cruise Operator, Ecoventura.

Galapagos Small-Ship Cruise Operator, Ecoventura,
Helps Launch Study of Effects of Galapagos Marine Reserve

How do the experts know if a conservation project is fulfilling its goals?

This is the question posed by scientists of the Galapagos Science Center and the Galapagos community concerning the Galapagos Marine Reserve established in 1998 on a provisional basis because at the time there was a lack of scientific information on the local biodiversity.

Fourteen years later, a barometer of the reserve’s success is how well – or not – the sharks are doing.

Ecoventura (, that operates an environmentally friendly fleet of small expedition yachts in the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently volunteered one of its four yachts, The M/V Galapagos Sky, a live-aboard dive boat, to participate in the beginning phase of a shark conservation analysis that engaged the ship in late December and early January 2013. The goal moving forward is to gather data on the diversity, abundance and distribution of focal species. The data will help guide the design of a new zoning scheme for the reserve based on determinations of spatial extensions of key habitats for Galapagos’ flagship species, including sharks. Elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) are top predators and keystone species in their ecosystems and therefore serve as sentinels for the general health of the ecosystem and its community.

About Ecoventura: Ecoventura is a family-owned company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with sales offices in Quito and Miami. In operation since 1990, the cruise company transports 4,000+ passengers annually aboard its fleet of three expedition vessels; Eric, Flamingo and Letty, identical, superior first-class 20-passenger motor yachts. The company also operates the M/V Galapagos Sky, a 16-passenger dedicated dive live-aboard offering 7-night weekly itineraries visiting the northern islands of Wolf and Darwin.

To reserve a cabin or private charter, or to receive a copy of Ecoventura’s 2013 catalog please call toll-free 1.800.633.7972, or e-mail To access current rates, schedules and itineraries log on to

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