Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eating out in Hong Kong

If you want to eat out in Hong Kong, and trust me you should, you can get a boat from the piers at the Star Ferry terminal to Lei Yue Mon, Sai Kung and Lamma Islands to their world famous alfresco seafood restaurants. We really enjoyed it because you see both sides of the harbour and the incredible modern bridges lit up. You can then return to explore Hong Kong night life later because Hong Kong is so compact you can get anywhere very quickly night or day and at a very cheap rate.

All varieties of Chinese cuisine are available here but no visit to Hong Kong would be complete without trying assorted steamed dim sum (“touch the heart”) light snacks such as dumplings, buns and pastries that are served in bamboo baskets. Causeway Bay has Traditional Hong Kong style food but if you want a more cosmopolitan atmosphere then Lan Kwai Fong has bars and restaurants in a small warren of streets that is popular with night owls.

Kowloon City is famous for Thai and Chiu Chow food and is a popular dining area for locals and visitors. Tsim Sha Tsui is more of a trendy area with exotic food to suit all budgets around Chatham Road and Canton Road. We went to a small local eatery in a back street off Nathan Road where I’m ashamed to say I had a Malay seafood curry, but it was to die for!

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