Friday, 31 December 2010

Menorca's Tsunami

Ciutadella’s harbour in Menorca, like the city’s streets is narrow and compact which has restricted the amount of trade that comes here and thus the growth of the city itself, preserving its ancient character. For some unknown reason probably due to a combination of the moon, atmospheric pressure and other factors the water level in the harbour sometimes starts to flow in and out. 
Boats can be left high and dry dangling from their moorings and just as quickly the sea floods the dockside area completely. In as many minutes the waters can rush up and down several times. On some occasions it will happen again within a few days and can be unusually violent dragging the larger vessels up to the top of the creek and sinking some of the smaller ones. The wharf side shops and restaurants can be submerged under almost two metres of water. For a supposedly tideless sea this is an amazing card for the Mediterranean to have up its sleeve. Have a great day now.

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