Monday, 2 December 2013

Search for polar bears

Search for polar bears - the King of the Arctic is often seen patrolling the ice in search of food. See an intoxicating mix of wildlife - walruses, Arctic foxes, seals and sea birds; discover deep fjords, ice-blue glaciers & sculpted icebergs; travel with expert naturalist guides, who will explain all about the wonders of the Arctic; enjoy regular Zodiac landings to explore the rugged shorelines. There are departures in July, August and September. There are departures in July, August and September. Explore recommend the early tours for those who are keen to see large ice floes and the richest bird life. For those who would rather travel further east with the chance to sail around Spitsbergen, a tour later in the season is recommended. Specialist guides will ensure customers get the most out of the experience, as well as recounting tales of Svalbard's cultural and exciting polar explorative heritage - traces of this rich history can be found on several of excursions ashore. Costing from £2,349 per person including seven nights on-board M/S Expedition with breakfast; four other meals; and the service of a tour leader and boat staff. To book, call 0844 875 1895, email or visit

This Spitsbergen odyssey reveals the diversity of this island archipelago and journeys into the kingdom of the polar bear. Explore the coastline, with no open sea crossings, against a backdrop of spectacular glacier-covered peaks and discover deep fjords in the west, mysterious, fossil-rich desert plains in the east and best of all, seals and whales in the Arctic pack ice. This voyage offers the best chance for seeing reindeer and polar bears, and features wildflower walks across sweeping tundra, trapper camps and historical remains of whaling stations. Departing July 2014, this 11 day polar voyage starts from £3,800 per person including 10 nights on-board accommodation with breakfast; four other meals; zodiac transport; and the service of a tour leader and boat crew.
NB: Customers who book on this tour will have a polar bear adopted on their behalf by Explore, as part of the WWF’s efforts to conserve the Arctic’s biodiversity. Customers receive a complimentary polar bear adoption pack while on board the ship, including a certificate and updates on how donations are being spent throughout the year.
To book, call 0844 875 1895, email or visit

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