Friday, 6 December 2013

Mundy Adventures and the North West Passage

In 1984, Lars‐Eric Lindblad’s M.S. Lindblad Explorer was the first passenger ship ever to successfully navigate the entire Northwest Passage. In July 2014, Lindblad Expeditions will attempt to achieve the goal again with two inaugural voyages through the Northwest Passage which are available through adventure and expedition cruise specialist, Mundy Adventures. In navigating this route, National Geographic Explorer will echo the history of many dauntless explorers who tried and failed to make it through this important route through the Arctic Archipelago, Northern Canada and along the northern coast of Alaska between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The new 2014 itineraries are:

·         The Northwest Passage, Iceland and Greenland: National Geographic Explorer navigates from Iceland and southern Greenland on its inaugural voyage through one of the world’s greatest marine challenges, the Northwest Passage. A navigational highlight will be seeing the captain and his officers use the ‘mud maps’ made by Lars‐Eric’s team as they navigate the James Ross Strait and re‐confirm the soundings they took in 1984. The voyage will explore the most exciting parts of the Northwest Passage, discovering the actual islands, protected waterways, ice‐filled fjords, historic sites and native communities, as well as exploring Iceland and Greenland. Guests will experience the wild, rugged western coast of Iceland and its capital, Reykjavik; glide between soaring icebergs at the mouth of Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site; observe polar bears, walruses, ringed seals and belugas in their natural habitat; and explore Uummannatsiaq fjord, the site of an impressive mummy find. The 25‐night adventure departs 28th July 2014 with prices from £19,780 per person fly/cruise including return scheduled flights from London, overnight accommodation in Edmonton, a charter flight from Edmonton to Kugluktuk where the cruise begins and 25 nights onboard the National Geographic Explorer with all meals and soft drinks, all excursions and port taxes.

·         The Northwest Passage, Newfoundland and Labrador: The second inaugural voyage through the Northwest Passage travels from west to east. This expedition takes on a historic challenge: will ice and weather conditions permit them to navigate the famously ice‐clogged Fury and Hecla Strait? If conditions are right, guests will spend the following days exploring - by ship, Zodiacs, kayaks and onshore hikes - the islands of the Foxe Basin and Hudson Strait south of Baffin Island. If the Fury and Hecla Strait is impassable, the ship will sail to the north of Baffin Island where the landscape is equally stunning and inviting to activities, and plenty of late‐season ice still clings to Baffin’s eastern shore. Guests will explore the wild and pristine Canadian High Arctic: Baffin Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. The 24‐night adventure departs 19th August 2014 with prices from £18,050 per person fly/cruise including return scheduled flights from London, a charter flight from Kugluktuk to Edmonton, overnight accommodation in Edmonton and 24 nights onboard the National Geographic Explorer with all meals and soft drinks, all excursions and port taxes.

The 148-guest National Geographic Explorer is the world’s ultimate expedition ship, uniquely equipped with an ice-strengthened hull and advanced navigation equipment for polar expeditions. At 367-feet with six decks, the ship is spacious and modern, with a variety of public rooms that offer startling views of the passing landscape. Public rooms include a dramatic window-lined library and observation lounge perched at the very top of the ship, plenty of observation decks (including easy access to the bow) and the forward facing chart room offering a 24-hour beverage station. The spacious lounge is the heart of the expedition community and is suited for spirited cocktail hours, informative presentations and the nightly tradition of Recap. The dining room and adjacent bistro easily accommodate all guests at once for open seating dining. While Explorer’s interiors are elegant, life onboard is always casual, with no need for formal clothing.

For further information and reservations, call Mundy Adventures on 020 7399 7630 or visit

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