Friday, 31 October 2014

Adventure Canada and HMS Erebus

Rob Poulton

Last month, the HMS Erebus, wooden vessel of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin expedition, was discovered off the coast of King William Island in the Victoria Strait in Nunavut. The mystery of its disappearance has captured the attention of historians, archeologists and explorers, both in Canada and internationally. This discovery is of paramount importance to Adventure Canada, the expedition operator in the Canadian Arctic, and its guests, who have sailed the Northwest Passage each year since 2007.

Adventure Canada offers two voyages through the Northwest Passage in 2015: Into the Northwest Passage—from  20 August to 5 September —and Out of the Northwest Passage, from  5 September to 21. Traveling aboard the Ocean Endeavour, guests will have the opportunity to experience the very same polar waterways, remote communities, and arctic wildlife as Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew. It is a journey not to be missed during this exciting time in Canadian history.

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