Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Zegrahm Expeditions Offers New Option for Exploring Antarctica

 Zegrahm Expeditions is pleased to offer a new way to explore the Great White Continent in 2015 with a 14-day adventure that focuses solely on the Antarctic Peninsula. Each year, the company offers its signature 22-day Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands expedition that typically sells out quickly, but Zegrahm has heard from guests that an exploration focusing exclusively on the Peninsula would be a great addition to their polar product offerings.

Highlights of this expedition include:
  • Spending five full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Cruising through Lemaire Channel, a supremely scenic strait where orca and humpback whales are frequently found.
  • Exploring by Zodiac or kayak to discover dramatic shorelines and glittering icebergs.
  • Stepping ashore on remote beaches to witness colonies of chinstrap, gentoo, and Adelie penguins.
  • Boarding Zodiacs to search for leopard, Weddell, and crabeater seals hauled out on ice floes.
  • Photographing a variety of subjects, from mighty glaciers descending from lofty peaks and ocean-sculpted icebergs, to an endless array of wildlife.

This expedition is aboard the 100-guest Sea Spirit from February 21 – March 6, 2015 and is priced from $11,980 per person. 

More info:  www.zegrahm.com or call 1-800-628-8747.

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