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Adventure Canada


Adventure Canada’s notorious musical tradition will be even livelier during the Sept. 11th – 24th, 2014 voyage
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Juno-winner Tyler Yarema, Canadian-country singer Marshall Dane and Newfoundland and Labrador talents Daniel Payne, Jason Edmunds, Leander Baikie and Holly Hogan will join Adventure Canada's Greenland and Wild Labrador voyage, making this sailing as musical as they come.
On every Adventure Canada voyage music plays a leading role, especially those sailing the epic coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The province has a strong musical heritage and lively kitchen parties, where musicians gather for impromptu jam sessions in the comfort of their kitchens, or in this case, the vessel Sea Adventurer’s lounge! Given the number of musical talents aboard the September 11 – 24th trip, this expedition is set to go down in the record books.
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Musicians will perform near-nightly live concerts and inspire casual jam sessions throughout the voyage. Past passengers have described the on-board experience as having front-row seats to exclusive performances, every night.
“The province’s musical heritage is so prominent that sailing along Labrador’s coast wouldn’t be complete without a boatload of musicians,” says Adventure Canada’s Vice President, Cedar Swan.

Adventure Canada developed the concept of an “Arts Float” along the coast of Labrador in 2009, with musicians, authors, painters, sculptors and other artists on-board as special guests. Approaching its 6th year, the annual arts program is in full swing.
This fall’s mix of musicians is nothing if not eclectic. Port Credit, Ontario’s Marshall Dane plays a blend of country and rock, the outstanding piano player Tyler Yarema (also from Port Credit, where Adventure Canada is headquartered) ranges from blues to reggae to pop, and Daniel Payne comes from a long line of Newfoundland traditional accordion and fiddle players. Singers Holly Hogan, Jason Edmunds and The Flummies band-member Leander Baikie – all hailing from Newfoundland and Labrador -- will bring authenticity to Adventure Canada’s on-board kitchen party style jam sessions.

Passengers are invited to join in the fun by picking up an instrument or toe tapping along with the talent aboard. The energy of a good old fashion Newfoundland and Labrador sing-along, with fiddle, accordion, guitar and piano performances breaking out in the ship’s communal areas throughout the voyage could have even the least musically inclined folks breaking into song.
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About the Greenland and Wild Labrador Expedition

The expedition begins with two days along the spectacular coast of Greenland with its dramatic fiords, calving glaciers, and charming communities. Across the Davis Strait, the Inuit territory of Nunavik, Quebec, beckons, followed by Nunatsiavut, homeland of the Labrador Inuit. Community visits here are eye-opening and inspiring.
Torngat Mountains National Park contains eastern Canada’s highest peaks. Along Labrador’s shore lie the ghost settlement of Hebron, founded in 1831, and the contemporary community of Nain. Tracing the route of Leif the Lucky, we arrive in Newfoundland at L’Anse aux Meadows, the first known European settlement in the New World.
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A kitchen party awaits us in Conche, and Fogo Island is one of the traditional Four Corners of the Earth. Our adventure ends in St. John’s, North America’s oldest city, with its legendary cultural attractions.
Rates for the 2014 Greenland and Wild Labrador trip start at $4,595 USD. For more information, or to book call 1.800.363.7566 or visit www.adventurecanada.com.

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