Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sea Dragon Voyage between Iceland and Sweden…

July 4- 17, 2014

  • Join the crew of Sea Dragon to sail between Iceland and Sweden with a stopover in the Faroe Islands.
  • Join a working conservation project on a journey across the Northern Atlantic covering 1,250 miles.
  • Search for whales and dolphins to collect behavioural data for the international OBIS database.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a working conservation voyage. Sailing between Iceland and Sweden observing whale and dolphins and collecting essential behavioural data, the boat will be equipped with a directional hydrophone for the detection of whale song and dolphin acoustics. The species the skipper hopes to encounter are Sperm Whales, Orcas, Bottlenose Whales, Pilot Whales and numerous species of dolphins. The skipper on board will be Rodrigo Olsen - a charming and fascinating whale expert from Baja who has covered almost 300,000 nautical miles on sailing boats, in search of some of the world's most elusive whale species. Rodrigo will be joined by first mate Jesse Horton and Belinda Braithwaite who will be filming the trip and be on hand to help you with your own photography and film making.

While on board you will be involved in all manoeuvres of sailing as well as with the research on board. Ideal for novice and experienced sailors alike this is the perfect trip for those wanting to gain experience of sailing in high latitudes and those with a passion for wild places, whales and dolphins.

£2,750 per person on a full board basis, excluding international flights

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