Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hurtigruten has embarked on the next phase of a local food initiative

Hurtigruten to offer even more authentic food experiences

Hurtigruten has embarked on the next phase of a local food initiative, which will result in investment in small businesses in the (often rural) local communities that line the coast of Norway as well as a more authentic dining experience for customers.

The company has always strived to give passegers a truly unique, local experience and in recent months has focussed on ensuring local produce is incorporated into every element of the culinary experience on-board.

The on-board menu is tailored to the seasonal delicacies of the regions the ships are visiting. For example, as part of the new Winter menu while in Trondheim guests will enjoy roasted Norwegian pork neck with marinated red cabbage and a spiced broth, followed by “Tjukkmelkspudding”, a traditional milk-dish from the Røros district.
More mouth-watering examples of the new winter menu are e.g. baked breast of ox with winter root vegetables which will be served in Kirkenes with cloudberry parfait and sourcream bread for dessert or in Hammerfest guests will feast on pate of reindeer and wild cod from the Finnmark.
The ships are also planning to use signage to enhance guests’ experience through storytelling, for example announcing that the lamb served for lunch today came from ‘Johan’s farm’ located just two nautical miles from the starboard side or that the prawns were loaded straight off the fisherman’s boat onto the ship in the last port.

For more information call Hurtigruten on tel: 0208 846 2666 or visit

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