Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Slowly Along the Ganges

Aboard the newly built RV Rajmahal
17 nights from £4995
Join Noble Caledonia as they venture along India’s most holy river on two journeys allowing us to discover the true spirit of India.

No river in the world plays a more important cultural, economic or social role in the lives of more people than the Ganges. The spiritual heart of Hinduism, the Ganges is strewn with cities, pilgrimage sites, mountains and forests. Any river journey allows the traveller to slowly absorb the sights and everyday life that is just not possible by any other means of travel. This is particularly true of the Ganges; its banks offer an ever-changing colourful scene and a fascinating glimpse of India, from the enchanting rural landscapes to the bustling towns and cities.
Anyone who travels regularly to India will tell you that moving around on land can often be frustratingly slow. Our journey aboard the newly built RV Rajmahal alleviates much of this stress as so much of what we will see and do can be approached from the banks of the river. Romantic notions and modern travel are often a difficult marriage, but a Ganges journey is one of the few trips that can still inspire and be a genuinely moving experience whether you are watching a torrent of pilgrims and holy men wading into the river; reflecting on the history of the Raj and its ever present monuments, or simply observing fishermen and locals going about their business in their tiny boats.

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