Monday, 18 March 2013

Discover Remote Islands In The INDONESIAN Archipelago

DAMAI CRUISES Offers Unique Itineraries To Discover Remote Islands In The INDONESIAN Archipelago

A pioneer and leader in experiential travelling, Damai cruises operates two vessels with all the comfort and amenities of a floating 5 star resort. 18 crew at the disposal of 10 guests. Whether diving, snorkeling, bird watching or just pleasure cruising, Damai cruises will provide the ideal platform to make your experience unforgettable.

A selection of cabins, from Single Cabins to Master Cabins of well over 40 sq. meters with private balconies, gourmet food or free spa treatment while on board, are some of Damai Cruises' signature service distinctions.

About Dive Damai & Damai Cruises

DIVE DAMAI is a collaboration between two of Indonesia's most experienced liveaboard personalities, Alberto Reija Gracia and Tony Rubin Rhodes. Combining their experience with Indonesia's most experienced dive guide, Gusti Sukawana, and one of Indonesia's most experienced captains, Pak Satjanu, they conceived a new concept in luxury dive travel.

By halving the number of passengers to only ten we were able to double the passenger to crew ratio and thus offer a far more personal service to a much smaller group. The dive guide to guest ratio is a maximum of 4 guests to 1 guide. Therefore, both on board and during a dive the service is very personal and tailor-made to suit each guest.

DIVE DAMAI employs only the most experienced shore support team with years of experience in operating in Indonesia. The crew have all been selected and trained to the highest standards of service and safety.

DIVE DAMAI has eliminated all hidden costs. On board everything is included in the price of the trip. Our service is as tailor-made to each guest as safety will allow. Our guests can choose when and how many times to dive, when and what to eat and have a choice more itineraries than any other liveaboard in Indonesia, probably the world.

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