Sunday, 8 June 2014

TeamTourist new website.

TeamTourist is  a new website which aims to simplify this whole process. TeamTourist has been developed from the ground up to make finding private cruise shore excursions really easy – and then to allow easy sharing of those tours. The idea is that you still keep the size of your tour group pretty small but you benefit from the reduced cost of sharing the tour with others. For example, one family linking up with another one potentially results in each family paying half the original cost of hiring of a private tour guide.
TeamTourist allows you to specify a cruise and then the available tours at all the relevant ports are listed. Once you’ve joined a tour, the tour remains “open” for a while to allow others to join in with you. When the tour booking period closes (or the tour fills up), you are put in direct contact with your local guide to arrange final details such as meeting locations and payment.

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