Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Exodus new Polar Exepdition Cruises

Spitsbergen Explorer: 12 days (11 days ship-only) from £3,120 including flights. Next departure dates are 1 July and 23 July 2012.
Part of the popular Polar Expeditions brochure is the great exploration of Spitsbergen - home to Polar bears, walrus, Arctic foxes and huge colonies of seabirds. There is 24-hour daylight this far north in the summer and Exodus plans to maximise this from the decks of the 100-berth Vavilov or Ioffe. Easily maneuverable around the ice, these ships are perfect for such adventures and have the added advantage that passengers can be in inflatable Zodiacs in the water at just a few minutes notice – catching a Polar bear and her cubs playing in the ice or perhaps sailing in the same space as a 150 ton whale. Any photographic or wildlife fan should seriously consider these departures which are guided by award-winning photographer and Polar enthusiast Paul Goldstein.

Antarctic Explorer - 15 days (12 days ship-only) from £4,130 land only. Next departure dates are 13 November, 19 November, 29 November 2011, 3, 9, 11, 21. 31 December 2011 and 10, 20, 24, 31 January 2012.
An expedition which will appeal to every naturist, explorer, photographer or ornithologist. This is an adventure that takes passengers to the heart of the Peninsula, exploring the ice wilderness of the South Shetland Islands and the channels of the Antarctic. From towering icebergs to emperor penguins and leopard seals, this trip offers every part of Antarctica that you would want to see. Highlights include Iceberg Alley and Deception Island the 19th century refuge from icebergs and Polar storms. 

Journey to the North Pole - 15 days (12 days ship-only) from £14,260 land only. The next departures are 25 June and 6 July 2012
With only one departure a year and only one ship capable of offering this stunning itinerary – reaching the top of the world aboard the ’50 Years of Victory’ – this is a rare and rewarding trip which is worth every penny. Travel to the North Pole and en route, discover polar bears, stunning birdlife and the beautiful city of Helsinki. A trip that combines the raw power of the ship – cutting through ice metres thick – the use of helicopter flights for aerial viewing and Zodiac landings for intimate wildlife encounters, this is an expedition unlike any other.

For more information  visit www.exodus.co.uk or polar cruising specialists The Cruise Line.  Why not subscribe to World of Cruising magazine?      Image. Paul Goldstein Exodus     

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