Friday, 2 September 2011

My First Polar Bear

A cold morning and this polar bear was some distance away as it swam past our ship on our cruise with Hurtigruten in Spitsbergen and it's a sight I'll never forget. It was just too far away for me to get a good clear picture with my 300mm.
This one was swimming beside the ship as it crossed over the narrow straits. I’m not really sure who was looking at whom. The lecture the night before (There’s a different one every night) had told us that they hunt Ringed Seals and scavenge for birds eggs and chicks in this area.

You get a lecture on what to do if we encounter a bear on the landings and I have to say I was very impressed that the attitude is that this is the bears’ territory and we are just guests here. In many ways the bears’ lives are put before ours as they are frightened off by a series of steps including flares and loud bangs.
You can find out more at or The Cruise Line.

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