Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zegrahm Expeditions "Tours of a LifeTime"

Zegrahm Expeditions is once again thrilled to be selected for National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “Tours of a Lifetime.” In the past, the honours have been bestowed upon the adventure travel company’s tropical, natural history-focused expeditions—Beyond Rapa Nui, Ultimate Seychelles, and Faces of Melanesia—but this year they are excited to announce that the honors were given to a brand new, in-depth cultural tour: Voyage Through the Red Sea. This 17-day expedition, aboard the Clipper Odyssey, departs November 6, 2011 and visits Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Eritrea.

This voyage combines the Red Sea’s best cultural attractions along with several opportunities to snorkel and dive, plus offers a rare glimpse into a number of hospitable countries rarely visited by Western travelers. Highlights of this tour include:

• Exploring the rose-colored wonders of Petra, the capital of the ancient Nabatean Empire and now a World Heritage Site.
• Cruising along the Nile in a traditional felucca sailing vessel.
• Visiting several exquisite World Heritage Sites in Egypt—Monastery of St. Catherine (Above) and the treasures of ancient Thebes, including Luxor, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings.
• Walking tour of Jeddah’s well-preserved old city, considered the gateway to Mecca.
• Snorkeling and diving in the shimmering waters of the Dahlak Archipelago, an area renowned for its rich marine life and scenic beauty.

To learn more about this voyage visit www.zeco.com or The Cruise Line

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