Monday, 28 February 2011

The Sperrins and Ancient Stones

The Sperrins in Ulster are ideal for walking as you can have flat, gentle undulating routes in the valleys and lower hills on prepared paths or the more exciting high walking on the high ridges that offer such spectacular views. The lower walks can be arranged so you come across fascinating megalithic monuments that are over two thousand years old.
One of the most incredible is here at Beaghmore where you’ll find nine circles mixed in with burial mounds and field boundaries that have been here since the Bronze Age and beyond.
Standing stones, dolmens and chamber tombs abound here and if you’re into history you will have a superb time. What is also good about the area is the back up information you can get about its history at purpose built centres, such as the an Creagán visitor center designed to reflect the Stone Age culture. It also has purpose built nature walks that take you deep into the boglands where you can explore plants, birds and animals.

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